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Lori Smolowitz

I like this product because it holds up in the shower. It doesn't tarnish. It doesn't come apart. I love it

D'Anna Nicole

Bought for my best friend's ashes. A bit of irony in the design. About 25 years ago she was in a minor auto accident, her head hit the windshield and she sustained minor cuts to her forehead. When I saw her after the accident, I was wearing a sunflower top. She was recently killed in a car accident and died from massive head trauma. I never noticed the necklace had a sunflower until my daughter pointed it out. Kind of like ... what's meant to be will be and the irony in this all is a bit unsettling. Still not okay with it. I don't wear the necklace, don't really know why, I just can't or won't, not sure which. Sure is a lovely necklace though. Thank you.

Wayne Beaulieu

Everything was great. Was hard for me to funnel the ashes down into it but only has to be done once. Seal the lid after with glue so it can't come off. My grandmother said she liked it and she gave the chain a pass which was a concern. I hope not to be a return customer, no offense.

Stacy Watson

I bought this because the original cremation necklace I bought broke and I was devastated! But this one is so much better then the first! Ive had it for a little bit now and its holding up, not peeling! I definitely recommend! Its not too heavy but heavy enough! I love it!!!

Melissa Nater-Betz

My mother died unexpectedly a month ago and it has been really hard for me to process. I received this beautiful piece of jewelry and filled it with her ashes. I had the back engraved with Mom My Angel. It can hold a lot of ashes. It is worth every penny.

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