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its been like 2 months since Ive had it! Its in good condition and everything I take a shower with it, I sleep in it,Im out in the sun with it. Its pretty good my neck hasnt turned into any color. Everything thing is A ok with this product. ????????????UPDATE; Its been a YEAR and it still looks great! My neck isnt green, necklace still gold ???? PERFECT ??

Shannon Linder

Bought an "s" on a whim as I was obsessed with Alexis' "A" on Schitt's creek. Anyway, my favorite part is that it doesn't irritate my skin or get my hair all wrapped up in the chain! I do have sensitive skin, my neck is not as sensitive (anymore) as my ears, but I have not had any issue with sensitivity/rash/itchiness/discoloration - but that is just me. . . I have worn it every day and night since I received it 3 weeks ago. Sometimes the "s" pendant flips or wraps around the chain but is a super easy fix. Overall, loving this. Great price for a fun statement piece.

Reene B

My daughter loves this gift!!! Didn't turn yet so its alright with me!! The necklace just adds so much to a basic look ??

liina witte

I purchased this necklace months ago and it is still holding up. Very cute, stylish, simple, and of good quality. So cheap but so good!

Queen Diva

Ive had this necklace since July and its still shining good, hasn't faded or broke me out which is a plus. I boughter one as a gift for my daughter. Won't know for a while.

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