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Gary W.

First off I paid for quick shipping to have it before Christmas and didnt get it until today. Even though it was supposed to be delivered on Thursday before the storm even came through on Friday night. I check it out when it shows up and you need a magnifying glass to see the names. So I guess you can say I wont be buying anything from you again.

Bill W.

I got this for my wife. I fastened the little bag to our dog Ivys collar and signed the card from Ivy. The names on the charm are all of our Springer Spaniels. Casey, Lucy, Panda and Ivy. Ivy is our current springer. The others gave us so much love and happiness. The necklace is a fond remembrance. .

Steve S.

Very nice and personal piece. When I had a problem with the chain, customer service handled it personally and professionally (and generously!) Thanks for a GREAT experience!

Barbara L.

Beautiful gift. I purchased for my daughter's birthday with her grandchildren names on beads.

Lyn B.

Brought one for myself a while a go & love it so much decided to buy one for my daughter-in-law's birthday. Such a unique piece.

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