Protect the jewelry you love & enjoy free returns, repairs or replacements, exclusive discounts and a seamless customer service that will allow you to wear our jewelry with confidence & peace of mind.

Repair & Restore 2 years 5 years 10 years
Free Returns 60 days 150 days 300 days
15% off sitewide* - 1 year 2 years
Replacements 60 days 150 days 300 days
Refresh Your Style -  1 year  2 years

*One-time use.

Exchange your jewelry piece for a brand new one for FREE, within 1/2 years of purchase. You can choose any design available on our website. If it costs more than the original piece, you will be asked to make up the difference. We will recycle and reuse the materials from your old piece to reduce waste. You may take advantage of the Style Refresh offer once for every care plan purchased.

Free Returns

We will cover shipping if you send in your item for replacement, repair, or Style Refresh within their validity period.

Repair & Restore

We want you to enjoy your jewelry with confidence. Anytime within 5/10 years of purchase, we will professionally fix any damage for free and restore your piece to make look as good as new.


You can replace your unworn jewelry piece for free within 150/300 days of purchase.*

15% Discount

Get 15% off your next purchase at ONLYONE within 1/2 year of purchase. We will email you the coupon code once you complete your purchase.

For more questions about the care plan, get in touch with us here.

*All replacement offers are valid for items of the same value or less. If you want, you may choose an item that costs more than your original piece and make up the difference.