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Karon Edwards

I am usually not an online shopper. I have had issues where the product delivered was not the product portrayed in the photo. Since you can't simply find this item at your local mall I had no other choice but to purchase them online. Learning from my daughter, I 1st read the product reviews and decided to take a chance. Next weekend I will be going to my niece's wedding, where I am FINALLY gathering with loved ones for an auspicious occasion. Unfortunately, we've only gotten together in the past decade for funerals. I decided to purchase several of the family something to spiritually include my big sister since she will not be able to see her 1st grand-daughter walk down the aisle. So I bought these little trinkets for my siblings, her children and grands. The supplier was very quick to reach out to me with a question. The trinkets were made and delivered in what I believe to be record time. I am so busy and had intended on purchasing them sooner but kept forgetting. I thought OMGoooosh, and could not believe they got here in just a week or less after ordering them. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them all to include the nice engraving on them all. I got the large in black. I could not be more happy. Thanks much!!


I had bought a similar item and sure wish I had seen this one first. My biggest issue with the other was it was soooo tiny, and the fill hole was so tiny it was impossible to actually get anything into it. This one has the internal capsule and came with a small spoon like device and took me about 1 minute flat to fill. It also came with a sturdy chain as well as a ring for hanging it. This product was obviously put together with care, not only in the craftsmanship of the urn itself, but in the design and accessories included. Thanks to this product from now on whenever I ride, my Mom rides with me.

Stacey Shane

I was a little worried about the quality of this piece because it was so affordable. I received it today and it is beautiful and perfect! I love it so much! I got this for my daughter so her Dad is with her every time she drives as he passed in a motorcycle accident and I know the road is scarier now. He was her protector on earth and is still her guardian angel in Heaven! I love it so much Im going to order me one as well!


I bought this to commemorate a dear friend. It was very easy to put some dirt and a blade of grass in from his grave. The printing is lovely and seems to be lasting well. The bottom of the necklace was stamped with a heart and the word love. I couldnt get a focused picture, but that printing seems durable as well. The charms are a bit heavy, but I like that. I swapped out the chain that comes with it because I wanted a longer one, but the original chain seems very sturdy and nice.

Candy Rosas

This was so perfect for a gift filled with loved ones ashes pretty good size a forever keepsake item comes in a nice gift box too with tools included for ashes.

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