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These are great! Look just like the pictures. This is a birthday gift to my cousin who was and still is basically a sister to me. Since day 1...I was 3 when she was born and we've been close ever since. No complaints about them so far. If anything happens *knock on wood* I'll update but otherwise so far material seems like a good quality, not cheapy feeling. The pendant is solid and has a little weight to it.


Boyfriend loved this! Initially was trying to find one that said "Cousins by chance, lovers by choice" but that one doesn't seem to exist already made anywhere so I settled for this. Thought it would be magnetic, but it wasn't and that's okay. Overall it's made pretty well for the price and we love it <3

Lu Ann

I got this for my cousin as a bday girl and she loved it!!! We both hang them up in our cars. The necklace is pretty heavy and great quality, You would think it costs way more money for the quality and heaviness of the necklace. This was a perfect gift!!!

Dana carter

I ordered this for my cousin/bff. she loves it and so do I. It was so cute! It was a little dusty but nothing a little polish couldn't fix! Loved it especially for its price! I'm gonna buy more for me and my other best friend also.

Adam Hammam

If your looking for a necklace for a best friend or a partner- look no further. These are cute, durable, and look awesome. And they are great for the price! My best friend and I love it!

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