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My mom lost her 2 Jack Russell Terriers a couple of years ago. She had them for years and was having a hard time with their death. Even her new dogs weren't helping her cope with the loss. I saw this and sent it to her. She put a little bit of the ashes of both dogs in it and wears it all the time. It has helped her tremendously. She feels connected to them again and she says that their ashes being in the butterfly reminds her that they have gotten a new life and are waiting for her now.

John W. Graham

This is a Butterfly Cremation Urn Necklace. The concept is that you'd add a memorial to a loved one in the tiny urn that comprises the butterfly's body. The 18" plus 2" chain is made of 925 sterling silver. The butterfly has positioned marquise cut cubic zirconia stones in a pleasing amethyst color. I'm happy with the quality of the necklace and its appearance.

star bates

When picking out cremation jewelry it can be a difficult task. Loosing a loved one isn't easy. I represent the ones I love with a butterfly. When the package arrived I was very pleased. This is a simple beautiful piece of jewlery. I will wear this on the important days of my life and remember my mother.

Michael mccallion

Bought this for my daughter to carry my mom's ashes in. Necklace is beautiful.


This is a cute but simple necklace you can wear if you want your loved one to be apart of you. I bought the purple one because it holds my nana and her favorite color is Blue.💜

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