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I bought this ring for my mother and it is exactly what I wanted to get her for Mothers Day! It is a perfect gift and for a great price. A lil sad that itll tarnish over time but you can always purchase a silver one so you wont have to watch it change colors. I definitely recommend purchasing one if you want to get something thoughtful without breaking your wallet.

Mike breen

Very good Quality and very good customer service. I am very happy. The engravings are well made and set very good and deep. Thank you for a good mothers gift.

felicia young

Absolutely beautiful ring. Excited to give this mothers day present. I was concerned it wasnt going to arrive on time, but seller answered all questions I had. Definitely will have to buy another for myself.


I have 4 kids. Born March, July, February, & November. I’ve always wanted one... and I ordered a size 9. I wanted to order the biggest so it would fit on either my middle or pointer or thumb. It fits perfect on my right middle. I think it’s beautiful! Recommend for Mother’s Day, birthday, Valentine’s Day or for Christmas or even as a thank you for mom doing thanksgiving! My inscription is “blessed”. I would have liked to fit the word: “blessings”. But nevertheless it is near perfect. Also, pay close attention to what colors are where. I did mine according to birth order. With oldest two on left and youngest two on right. But my mom pointed out that the lighter colors would have looked better across from one another. And the darker on the top & bottom. So it’s not a critique, just if you want to perfect it even more it’s in the details. Lastly, the font isn’t fancy but it is easily able to read which is nice. I enjoy it and get lots of comments on it which is enjoyable. And makes my heart happy.

Tasha Sims

Ring is absolutely beautiful. Amazing detail on the names. Shipping was delayed but the seller was great with communication when messaged.

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