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Ashley Bartczak

Purchased this for my MIL after her beloved best friend crossed the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago. She told us that she cried when she opened it and that it looks just like her little Charlie! They even captured his little heart shaped tag from the photo. Thank you SO much!

Rita R.

I wear this as a remembrance of my little Frankie who was killed right after his 5th birthday. I wear it always. I touch it during the day and think of him. Everyone who knew Frankie knows it's him right off. They even captured his smile. Thank you so much, I love it.

Valerie L.

I lost my fur baby recently and was so depressed. My husband surprised me with this beautiful (engraved on the back) necklace. Now I have him not just in my heart, but also on my heart. It is lovely!

Cleopatra Jones

It was so perfect. When I first saw my Denver face I just cried. I had my Denver next to my heart again. I couldn't have brought anything better. I miss my Denver so much.


This was more than expected. The tracking is not good but doesn't matter the product was excellent. My wife lost her dog of 15 years and I know she is going to love this.

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